Lost Glyphs File - Import OTF

Hello. Glyphs beginner here.

I’ve recently made a font as a display type for a company. Since i’ve exported and delivered the test files in OTF, i have by mistake deleted the Glyphs files for the font.

As there now has to be made changes, i have imported the OTF file into Glyphs and followed the tutorial for this (Importing Existing Fonts | Glyphs).

When i try to update the features for ‘lookup_0’ and ‘lookup_1’ i get the following message:

" Error: “Glyph “dotlessi” not in font.” in Feature file at line: 42
Error: “Glyph “uni0237” not in font.” in Feature file at line: 43
Error: “Glyph “uni0308” not in font.” in Feature ccmp in line: 1"

Anyone know why this is and what i have to do to fix it, and make sure that the font has all the features a the original file? I might not have the dotless i and j anymore, but do i need these if my diacritics is not composed of components?

Also, i have sub- and superscripts numbers, do these have to be somehow updated now?

And lastly - can i be sure that my glyphs have the correct unicode numbers?

You may need to update their glyph info (double check the setting in Font Info > Other). And I would redo the feature code from scratch.

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That can be right. Follow up on the red exclamation marks though. It may be solvable with proper glyph naming and re-generating all OT features.

To be fair, importing an exiting font is not exactly a beginner’s task.

I think i have got it. The exclamation marks is gone, and everything seems to be working when i test. Thanks for your help!

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