Lost Glyphs

I am a new user to Glyphs Mini so my apologies in advance if there is an easy solution to this problem however I want not able to find anything relatable using search.

While kerning some of my uppercase letters my entire glyph library very suddenly disappeared. Even the ‘slots’ for the lower case letters, number, punctuation etc. have all vanished. The bottom bar of the App says I have 0 glyphs.

The main window is now just an empty grey box. I closed out of the App without saving figuring I would just return to my previously saved spot. However upon reopening, my previous work is still not there. I have played with all of the view settings but no luck.

Is it possible that I just switched a setting that would make these unavailable or remove them from view? I can’t believe it would be so easy to accidentally permanently delete an entire font without any warning. It would really stink to have to start from scratch. Hopefully I am just missing something obvious and this is a quick fix.

I am using Glyphs Mini Version 1.5.6 and OSX 10.10.1

Thanks in advanced!

He could restore the font with the system build in version feature.

Do you have any category selected in the left sidebar? Or possibly have one selected for which you have no glyphs? That can cause it.

As Georg suggested I was able to restore to an older version. Yay!

@George Thomas, yes I did have a category selected but still nothing. I still have no idea what caused this but as long as I am able to restore past progress it’s all good.

Thanks for your help!