Lost proportions with other fonts

I have set my x-height at 500 en UPM at 1000. But compared to other fonts, my font is much bigger. Is there a logical explanation for this issue? I would like to keep some proportions with other fonts.

Fonts are different. Which fonts did you compare it to? My impression is that most Latin fonts have an x-height around half the em (500).

But you aren’t mit forced to use 500. Feel free to change the number. :woman_shrugging: Or change the UPM to something higher. This will effectively scale down your font.

Hi Mekkablue,
Thanks for your reply. I’ve compared my font to Adobe Garamond, Bembo Book, Minion, Baskerville & Plantin Pro.
I’m making a revival of a 16th century font. Changing the UPM does work. Thanks! Is it best to do this after the design process, or can I do that during the process?

Doesn’t matter.

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