Lots of kern couples lost!

Hopefully I do many sub-sub-sub versions!
I was sending a fond to distributors when I discovered full of kerning couples were gone!
The old file, made with v 1197 had 8066 kerning pairs on a master, the more recent file version I reworked in 1198 and 1199 has 7971 kerning pairs!
Same on other masters.
For instance I’ve lost the kerns between all .lf figures.

This afternoon I ran the commands compress and clean kerns, but I’d be surprised it’s because of that action.

I’ve recovered my kern values easily, but that’s scary

These commands can reduce the amount of kern pairs.

but in no case a kern between seven.lf and zero.lf (for instance) should be erased.
BTW a log of cleaned and compressed kerns should appear in macro panel.

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I’ve ran again these commands on a copy of my old file. kerns count didn’t change, so this issue is somewhere else. And that’s scary, as I didn’t touch kerning these last days.

Interesting idea. Will think about it.