Lots of questions and feedback from a brand new Glyph user

Super excited to join Glyph and learn more! Some initial questions and feedback after my first experience:

Any way to do non-destructive rounded corners, changing radius on the fly? (Not on export custom parameter filter)

How to know what the radius number is of existing corner? (Other than looking at round corners filter)

Can you preserve corners while scaling vertically or horizontally. (No scenario where I would want to stretch or squash corner curves)

Cannot select multiple components at once? (Have to Shift click each one individually)

Would love to select multiple glyphs and drag into a new filter as well as drag rearrange (and name subcategories got glyph groupings ) without editing in text based filter pop up.

Would love smoother zooming, choppy and zooms too fast. (With and without plugins installed) See Figma for smooth zoom example, free in browser program. https://www.figma.com

A nice feature would be to zoom anchored to selection. I’d like to select a point and on zoom go bullseye center to that point.

Can you change the default glyph (Group) width of all glyphs globally?

Cannot see preview of measurements on components.

Deleting all outlines forces all remaining components to snap align horizontally widening the glyph width.

Would love to grab and rotate shape from corner of bounding box. With option to snap rotate to degree% in right panel.

Would like to use filters for the vertical alignment button to change relative to baseline, x height, cap height, descender, ascender. (Not just relative to other glyph shapes)

Is there a Snap to Grid option when creating shapes, I see duplicates of my shape: 1. A white outline on pixel grid shape 2. An off grid outline with purple (or red) corners. (I only want on grid)

When duplicating a shape using drag option, the shift key won’t work to align copy until after you let go of the option key. (Drag+option+shift is pretty standard)

Any feedback here appreciated.

Use corner components for rounded corners:

(Or any other shape, see the page curl at the bottom of the tutorial.)

This is part of the Info box when you use a corner component.

This depends on how you scale the path. Try the corner components above and see if they already do what you need.

Hold down the Option key while drag-selecting.

This is on out list.

What do you mean by that?

When there are only components in a glyph layer, the layer will switch to using automatic alignment.

This can be done with the Transformations palette. Click the transformation point you want in the 3 × 3 grid, enter the angle, and press the rotate left/right button.

You can experiment with lowering the UPM in the Font Info window (Font tab) and change the grid settings in the Other tab.

Works for me.

Wow, thanks Florian!

For the measurement question I’ve attached an example of how components aren’t included in the measurement preview. What if I want to make a measurement change on a live outline using the component as a reference?

You can copy a list of glyphs names font and edit view from the context menu. That at least reduces the amount of typing.

As I said in the other thread, I improved that already.

Zoom is centered on the mouse cursor. So instead of selecting something you point your mouse on it and zoom.

Can you explain that?

That is fixed in the latest cutting edge version.

Thanks Georg,

  1. Multiple selection + drag and drop would be faster than copying and pasting each name don’t you think?

  2. No disrespect but zoom feels terrible on trackpad, my least favorite part of the app.

  3. As a glyph scales it will fly past the cursor and window when zooming in close unless that point is manually moved to the center of your app window. Zoom would need to be anchored to point, way more precise when zooming quickly to a specific point.

  4. attached image of how inDesign gives you options around what that alignment tools are relative to. You already have the vertical height toggles in the right panel you could double as vertical alignment filters. (baseline, x height, cap height…) I’ve noticed snapping to those various heights aren’t always accurate and to avoid having to zoom in to check you could use the alignment tools to ensure it’s always correct.

Another question:
How do you center align a shape to the glyph, for example if making an “O” and I want to center that quickly. Alignments look like they may only be relative between two or more shapes but not the glyph width or those various heights mentioned before.

I appreciate all the support!

Screenshot 2023-02-04 at 5.13.34 PM

Didn’t I tell you that I improved on that this morning? You need to wait for the next update to see the results.

Select All and then use the alignment buttons in the transform panel.