Love the terminal but rather open the app in another way

So, this is embarrassing. I am stuck in a scenario where I can only open Glyphs 3 from the terminal with my license. Anyone, got a nice idea who I can enter in a normal way by double clicking the app icon.

What code do you run in the Terminal to launch Glyphs? And where is the Glyphs file?

Which macOS?
And what exactly happens when you double click the dock icon?

sudo /Applications/Glyphs\\ 3 -disableUI 1
And the is in the application folder.

MacOS BigSur Version 11.6

The icon starts to do the wiggle and then dies.

What happens in when you search for “glyphs” and then start the app? Can you paste the messages that appear?

I have both Glyphs 3 and Glyphs Version 2.5.1 (1141) starts.
Glyphs3 is in the application folder. If I start this app, the same pattern. It wiggles and then closes.
Glyphs Version 2.5.1 is located in a Downloaded Folder. If I start this app, it asks for my licens.

Can you drag the license file onto the (closed) app?

For the record, we could fix the issue by: