LSB/RSB Transformation custom parameter using percentage

Hi there.
I generate a Regular style from a master using custom parameters.
Among them I use the LSB/RSB tranformations, but I can’t manage to use the proportional muliply option :

If I use “+10” or “+30” value as Transformation Custom parameter it works fine, but whatever I write after asterisk “*XX” the result is always the same : a really small spacing…
For example here is what I tried :

Transformations; LSB: *2; RSB: *2;

Is there a way to make it work ?

There is not much use of scaling the side bearings. It will result in very uneven changes. And negative values will move in the opposite direction.

Thanks @GeorgSeifert
I’ll try to fix by myself the characters with spacing problems.
Or is there a way to use the LSB/RSB transformation parameter on spacing groups ?

I mean a way to affect only groups of characters regarding to their specific spacing values.

You can add a include: or exclude: to the parameter to apply it only to some glyphs. And then add several filters.