Mac Name not exporting correctly with OTF

I am having trouble with exporting two otf files with the same “Myfont” and different styles identified in the Instances Style Name.

To be more specific, I have Myfont-Inline.otf and Myfont-Fill.otf. Both seem to export fine and even my font manager validates them without any issues. However when I try to use both fonts in any of my applications, it only shows one of them as available. I opened them in FontLab and noticed that the OT Family Name and OT Style Name are correct but the Mac Name on both are just “Myfont”. When I update the Mac Name in FontLab and export from their both fonts are recognizable in my applications.

Is there somewhere I can set the Mac Name within Glyphs? I have not tested on a PC so their may be another missing piece that I’m not aware of.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I just tested it and it works fine for me. There seems to be different issue. Can you send me the .glyphs file that I can have a look.


Generated greek glyph names (replacing unicode) prevents export due to number of character limit -
makeotfGlyphs [[imgs=]WARNING[/imgs]] final name: Omegapsiliperispomeniprosgegrammeni,
omegapsiliperispomeniypogegrammeni, alphapsiliperispomeniypogegrammeni, etapsiliperispomeniypogegrammeni, omegadasiaperispomeniypogegrammeni
longer (34) than limit 31

You have to use the production glyph names on export. This will use the unicode names "uni1FAE, uni1FA6, uni1F86.

I will add a check to prevent the error.

I have a total noob question. I’ve created a font using Glyphs and am actually trying to get the work I’ve done into a file type I can actually use. How do I do this? Preferably a .ttf file or something I can give to a friend for use on his computer?

I told you it was a noob question…

Hangs head in shame

Thanks in advance.


If you have everything set up right, you can just export it as a OTF font. This is compatible with all operating systems. Goto File menu > Export > OTF.