macOS Big Sur compatibilty & performance

Just wondering, will Glyphs be compatible with macOS Big Sur betas or we will wait until the official release? And will Glyphs perform better on the new macOS since there’re many major changes regarding to system performance.

I downloaded the new version but didn’t try it yet. I’ll have to see what needs to be changed or fixed.

But I strongly advice against installing beta versions on production systems.


Thank you! I love the new macOS but highly doubt that it will work with the current Glyphs version. Will wait then.

I got Big Sur to work. Glyphs seems to work fine. There are some UI glitches here and there but nothing that would prevent on using it.

But another warning on installing the Big Sur Beta. Only install it on an extra volume as the file format seems to be different and Mojave can’t read it. That means it might be difficult to go back.


If you are using APFS, you need to install it not just on an extra volume but on a separate partition. The first beta will prevent system updates on other volumes that share the same APFS container.

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FYI, trying to start the Plugin Manager crashes the app here, so if you are on Big Sur you’ll need to install the plugins manually.

I fixed the crash in Big Sur.

So now both Glyphs 2 and Glyphs 3 work on Big Sur?
What about the python scripts and the plugins?

There was one missing piece, the pyObjC bride. The Big Sur compatible version was released this morning. I didn’t test it, yet.

It is important for Glyphs 2 to work also on Big Sur in case old files needed to be opened and edited there.

Glyphs 2 works fine AFAIK.