Magic Mouse in MacOS Sierra

Does anyone else have issues with the Font View with a Magic Mouse? Some clicks make the selection flicker or even deselect the glyph.


As far as I can tell, this started after the upgrade to MacOS Sierra, although I’m not 100% sure about that

Glyphs 2.4 (939)
MacOS 10.12.1

Do you have any extra preference pane for the mouse? I did use one like that years ago. And it might be incompatible with Sierra.

I had a Wacom driver installed (version 6.3.15-2). As I don’t use it anymore, I didn’t update it.
After uninstalling it, Font View works fine again. Thank you!

Well, apparently it was a coincidence. Font view is not responding reliably to my clicks again. I don’t have any other mouse driver installed. Any clue of what I can do to pin this issue down?

How did you uninstall it?

I uninstalled it with Wacom Tablet Utility, clicked Remove under Tablet Software.

One thing I have noticed is that when I click a glyph and drag there is a flicker of the selection:

Maybe I’m dragging a little when I click, but I cannot really tell.

Unfortunately my Magic mouse doesn’t seem to work any more so I can’t test it. But I just visited an offie with several people using Glyphs with a MagicMouse and they didn’t complain…

I can reproduce what you can see in the second video by @harbortype … you can even stop the move when it flicks to white and the the glyph looses its information (dimensions palette, metrics info etc) at this very moment.

El Capitan, Glyphs Version 2.4.1 (945)

Doesn’t hurt at all though.

I had another look and it turns out that it has nothing to do with the MagicMouse. I can reproduce it now with any pointing device. And I fixed it.

Thanks! As I only use a Magic Mouse and the built-in trackpad, I thought the issue was related to the former. I’m sorry about that and I’m glad you managed to figure it out.