Main window redraw bug

My Glyphs main window does something strange when I scroll: After drawing the font window properly, as soon as I scroll up, the bottom 75% of the window goes blank or empty; as I scroll up, hidden rows appear in the small area at top that’s drawn, and then when I scroll down, they disappear again. This happens randomly; sometimes it starts as soon as I open glyphs for the first time, sometimes later in the afternoon. It doesn’t matter what subset, list or filter I view the font window in, and the behavior doesn’t stop until I restart or reboot. Very occasionally, the glyph list doesn’t wrap properly, and glyphs end up hidden from view under the right tool panels. None of this seems to be influenced by text in an edit window; it can happen with no other tabs open.

Do you have any plugins installed? And can you send me a file that shows this behaviour?

Also, what version of Glyphs are you using? Include the number in parentheses displayed in the Glyphs > About Glyphs menu, e.g., Glyphs Version 2.4.2 (1011); that happens to be the latest beta (cutting edge) version.