Major problem with exporting

I have created a font in Illustrator which consists of many dots in a halftone style. The issue that I am having is that after spending hours pasting the letters into Glyphs when trying to export I get this message The glyph “C” contains a lot nodes (80859). This can’t be exported.

Obviously it is not realistically viable to manually delete each node, please can someone tell me how to do a fast track way to delete all of the nodes automatically?

I’m afraid there is indeed no easy way to reduce it automatically or effectively. From what I can see in the screenshot, the design doesn’t look like it requires 40k nodes and is too detailed. Perhaps you should have tested it first and picked a lower dot resolution.

I can try to cut the node count by half by scripting, assuming the dot shape is circle. That will be 20k and I think it’s still an overkill. Anyway, would you want to send me the file?


Thanks for your reply, how do I send a copy of the file? it says new users cant attach files.Hhopefully you can help radically reduce the node count. If not I am left with a very arduous task of rebuilding the entire font and half toning manually.

Please let me know how it goes.


Message sent.

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