Make metrics & guides visible when selecting image

When I want to scale and move an image, I should be able to see the metric lines and guides, otherwise it’s hard to align the image correctly. I.e. I have to scale then deselect to see the metrics, then select and guess and scale again.

Also what is the best way to toggle between showing only filled shape (no nodes or outlines) and showing image only view… there’s no shortcut I could think of. What I’m doing now is:

[Have a glyph with outlines, and background]

  1. Cut all outlines
  2. Go to text cursor
  3. Flip between Redo/Undo

Quite inefficient.

I am not sure I understand. Images snap to metrics and guidelines. I find it pretty hard not to align it to a metric line or a guideline.

What is Image Only View?

In older versions, I think the image layer was on top of guideline layers, obscuring them.

When my image is bigger than the letter, snapping to guidelines is useless, I need to scale it myself, the metric lines disappear:

I can’t see any metrics in the following screenshot when the image is selected; to scale it properly I have to deselect and check, then select and guess and scale:

Also I can’t uncrop an image after ‘Set crop to layer bounds’, what If I want to use another part of the image? Again I had to move the image, and click ‘Set crop to layer bounds’ and guess.

For example when I want to compare the closeness of an image and the outline, I’d like to be able to flip back and forth between the image an the filled-outline. Apart from the method described here I have simulated this by copying the image to the background layer, which shows only the image if the background layer contains only an image (if there was outlines the image doesn’t show. see the video from 11 seconds). The problem with this method is that if I move the image in the foreground I have to re-copy/paste into the background and also I can’t have any other outlines or components in the background.

In fact, I’m still finding images, when selected, are above metrics:.

It would be good to have it the other way, as with guidelines, so we can scale to fit metrics.

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Any update?

This is fixed. Will be in the next version (probably 2.3)…


Was this fixed in 2.3? I’m on 2.2.2 and hesitant to update to the latest beta in case things go awry in the middle of a project.

Yes, this is fixed.