Make Node First

Hi guys, would it be possible to show some error when nodes don’t have the same starting positions in all styles?

you mean in a multiple master setup? In most cases it should mark the glyph with a red corner or bar. You might need to add an instance that is actually interpolating. If you only have line segments, there is not hard way to determine incompatibility. But the “Show Master Compatibility” will mark the outlines with a yellow color.

Hi Georg, yes I mean MM setup. You can see red corner just with some complicated shapes. If it is simply shape as caron, acute, bar etc… it won’t show anything.

There is a script in my repository called Masters > New Tab with Dangerous Glyphs for Interpolation. Run it, open the Preview and set it to All Instances, switch to Text mode, and then simply step through the glyphs. Should be easy to spot problematic interpolations. In most cases, you will be able to fix them with Paths > Correct Path Direction for All Masters (Cmd-Opt-Shift-R).

There is a description on