Make OTF Error with odd "BASE" reference

I am getting this error:

Error: “syntax error at “BASE” missing” in Feature case in line: 36

I am also getting a “Details” button rather than a “Show” button but pressing it doesn’t seem to result in anything.

The puzzling thing is that the error seems not to relate to the OT code I see.

My guess about this code is that it is referencing something on line 35 or 36 of the Case feature in the OT code. But I don’t have that many lines! I have only 30

If I delete “Case” I get

Error: “syntax error at “BASE” missing” in Feature ss10 in line: 11

This error in Feature ss10 is in spite of the compile seeming to work. Also
a) The feature was written by Auto-written by Glyphs
b) The feature ss10 has 3 lines.

In testing I have experimented with deleting all the OT code, And deleting the kerning. When I do this the error changes but I still can’t export OTFs. Only The roman in the project has this issue. The Italic is fine.

I am using Version 2.6.1 (1229) and so I thinking of going back to a previous build because file that did export to OTF previously because I am running out of ideas about how to troubleshoot this.

Please let me know what you recommend or if I can do something to help clarify what the issue might be.

Thanks as always!


Update - I am able to export file without an error showing up using 2.6.1 (1199).


Can you check the exported features.fea file in the Temp folder? It seems to create a BASE table.

Can you send the file that does not export to support at…?

Update: Do you have a glyph called BASE? In the latest makeotf, this is a reserved word.

Update 2: Or something triggers makeotf to build a BASE table, and that fails. A look into the Temp features file should explain.

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Having changed the name of BASE

I now got

Error: “syntax error at “NULL” missing” in Feature ss10 in line: 38

In the “generateFont.command” document I get this:
syntax error at “NULL” missing { GCLASS CID GNAME “]” } [features.fea 355]

makeotfGlyphs [FATAL] <OmnesCyrillic-Black> aborting because of errors

So I went to the features.fea file to see what line 355 was.

And it turns out NULL had a kerning group assigned to it on that line. That’s Odd…

It must have been added using the Set kerning groups script

After I deleted that group the OTF fonts generate.

You can leave out the null glyph altogether. Any particular reason why you had it in the font in the first place?

The font being extended had it in there already.

I have U+25CC , glyph named it by default as BASE, should we rename it something else?

I am not using latest version of makeotf, yet. This is good to know.

The default name of 25CC is dottedCircle, so this should not be a problem.

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