Make the transformations palette more clear?

I found this image from softpedia:
In comparison with the new transformation panel below on the little window
it is way more clear.
The Transformation part is now divided with horizontal bars, with give the impression it are separates panels.
(the dark gray bars look like headers, such as Dimensions, Fit Curve, Layers, Transformations)

Is it possible to NOT let them go from left to the right? The panel will loke more unified


While I do think that the new panel is an improvement over the old one, my suggestion would be to separate alignment and transformations into two sections. That’s because the transformation origin (at the top of the section) applies to all transformations (mirror, scale, rotate, skew), but not the align operations at the bottom.

In short, something like this:

I didn’t want to say it wasn’t an improvement, but the first time I saw it (in the new lay-out), it was difficult to determine which functions belong together, because of the layout.
Added a photoshop mockup of what I meant, so we are surely talking about the same thing. That way is easier for me than explaining it in English. It are the gray bars in the background. In this mockup, the panel ‘transformations’ is more a whole, and not devided with bars that look like headers as Dimensions, Fit Curve, Layers, Transformations

Putting the align together would also make it better indeed.