Make Unicase script deletes components

@GeorgSeifert if a file has uppercase glyphs using the two unicodes (you ran update info) and you run the script, it will remove some glyphs from the Uppercase glyph.

What I wanted to do:
Automate Add Glyphs, wanted to avoid writing A=a, B=b, C=c and so on.


  1. make an uppercase glyph
  2. run Update Glyph info, so it assigns the lowercase one
  3. run from Script menu “Make Unicase Font”
    Result: removes glyphs
    Expected: doesn’t remove glyphs! or at least check if you want to

Tested in Glyphs 2 Version 2.6.5 (1342)

You don’t need this script any more. And you don’t need to add any more glyphs. Or is there a reason to do it?

Wanted to explore making lower case variants, but based on your response I’ll just use A=a, B=b, C=c etc and run Update Glyph info again (to remove the lowercase Unicode from A, B, C, etc).


you don’t need to add any more glyphs

On this topic, If you open the Filters, it will say that glyphs are missing, ie “a”, even after updating glyph info for Uppercase “A”.
bug or conscious decision?

The numbers in the sidebar are only based on glyph names. This is changed in a future version of Glyphs.

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