MakeOTF error line number

I was trying to troubleshoot my OpenType compile error but I cannot find the problem for this one. I am normally fine with the line number not corresponding to anything, neither the .fea file nor the Glyphs’s font info window. Can you improve that part of the dialog please? (Besides I would love to have your help fixing the problem!)

Have you tried the “generateFont.command” in the Temp folder? It should give you the actual line in the .fea file. If not, that would be a bug in makeOTF.

Thanks, the generateFont.command does give me a different line number. That line is “lookup desc-13 {” and I don’t quite understand what’s wrong with that. Is the use of hyphen illegal in lookup names?

Yes, don’t use the hyphen in a lookup label/name.

The AFDKO OpenType Feature File Specification indicates that the lookup label has the same restrictions as the glyph name.

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Thanks, it now works!