Makeotf Error - mkmk code not in feature.fea file

I am suddenly getting this error at export:

When I click on details it opens the Temp folder.
When I open the features.fea file, I can’t see the mkmk code at all…

I checked the manual mkmk code in Glyphs, & there’s no missing “}”…

I’m at a loss, any help greatly appreciated!

can you send me the .glyphs file and he feature.fea file from the temp folder?

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What’s funny is that when I press compile it gives me no errors…

The compile button only ‘tests’ GSUB and doesn’t trigger the kern, mark and mkmk generation…

So what can the problem be?

There’s no syntax mistake at mkmk line 144,
Neither at line 958 in the feature file…
[as it says in the error message]


I know that the error is in the mkmk code [it exported when I disabled mkmk],

So I copied the whole code in Microsoft Visual Studio Code which has a good regular expression function, and I made sure that all classes are closed with a bracket, with this search:

What else can I do?!

You need to wait a tiny bit until I get a chance to look at your file :wink:

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OK, Thanks!!!

Sorry that it took so long. I finally could look into it and fix it. I’ll upload an update soon.

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I uploaded an update.

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All working fine now.
Thanks so much!!!

The Glyphs team have the top support seen anywhere!!!
Worth it to buy Glyphs just for the advantage of great developer support!!!
Keep it up!