MakeOTF Error reporting uses "Nice Names" instead of my glyph names

I am opening a Glyphs Export file from FLS5. I have got “Keep glyph names from imported files” ticked in Glyphs Preferences. I have NOT got “Use Production glyph names” ticked in the Export OTF window.

When exporting an OTF font, MakeOTF encounters a number of errors. In the reporting of these errors, Glyphs2 is using “Readable Names”/“Nice Names” instead of my own glyph names.

This makes correcting the error very difficult and time-consuming as I have to “translate” the Nice Names back to my actual glyph name before I can find, analyze and correct the error.

Why doesn’t MakeOTF use my actual glyph names when reporting errors???

MakeOTF reports errors using the tokens in the feature file. So if you features include nice names, makeOTF will show them.
To debug the feature errors, use the compile button in the Font Info > Features. It will suggest to show you the feature code directly. It that does not work, this tutorial might help you:

graphity…you are aware that while Glyphs defaults to not using “production” names (ie. you have to turn it on if you want Glyphs to use “production” names), Glyphs 2 is the opposite (ie. you have to turn the custom parameter on in order to not export using “production” names). Right?

Having said that, I can’t seem to figure out how to get Glyphs 2 to not change ANY glyph names. Even if you activate “Keep glyph names from imported files” preference and turn on the "do not use “production” names custom parameter, Glyphs 2 still changes some glyph names.

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What are those ‘some names’?

I will put together a list for you Georg, but just off the top of my head, if you open a ttf font that contains the CR and nbspace glyphs their names are converted to the uni#### equivalents. (Yet if you allow Glyphs 2 to name glyphs, those 2 are named CR and nbspace when you export the fonts.)

For some reason, when you open a ttf font, Glyphs reads the CR and nbspace glyph names as uni#### - and obviously uses those names when you export a ttf font unless you change the names manually.

When you export ttf fonts it changes Idotaccent to Idot and dcroat to dslash.

That only applies to ttf fonts.

Not really related, but if you open and edit an existing ttf font, when the font is exported, Glyphs will use the original creation date.

With otf fonts on the other hand, it reads and displays the original creation date on the Font Info > Font window, but when you export an otf font, it uses the current date as the creation date.

For me CR is always exported as CR. It is however converted to uni000D on import. I’ll check if I can fix this. But nbspace is converted to uni00A0 because it is not in the AGLFN.