MakeOTF error

After successfully creating two fonts, I received this error when trying to save the third:

MakeOTF error
An unknown problem occurred. MakeOTF could not write the file.

The first two files were the regular and bold version. This was the light version.

Please advise.
Thank you,

Try running makeotf in the terminal:

What does it say there?

Thanks for the assist. I will try that!

I’m working in Glyphs Mini for Mac. I used one of my other font files as a guide and there are no differences in the number or naming of glyphs. The other file exported just fine.

I would love in-person (phone) support if possible as I am at a total loss.


I had a look at your files and it is a problem with the autohinter. It is a very rough typewriter font with a lot paths. This confuses the autohinter and hinting is not needed at all for a font like that. So just export without auto hinting.

Thanks Georg! That did it. Now, let’s test these babies!
Thank you!