Making an interpolation ignore the italic


I’ve got an italic in my document, that I do not want to interpolate with the other masters.

Is there a way to tell an instance to ignore that master and just interpolate between the regular and black?

You can try to hide it. But is not supported and will disturb the compatibility mark.

set the width values to the same value (or leave the default of 100) and then use a weight value that is lower than the regular or higher than the Bold. You can’t extrapolate in this direction.

Is ot possible to generate uprights and italics from the same glyphs files?

Not really. You might hack it together but this would be more than tedious.

To be clear, with matching family naming info, fonts generated from different Glyphs files will appear together in font menus. Outside of interpolation there’s probably no reason to have font variants in the same Glyphs file.

Eliason is right. Why would you add an italic in the same Glyphs file?

I’m with you both, just thought I was missing something. But for the sake of organization I wouldn’t mind keeping uprights and italics in the same file if it wouldn’t bring so many other issues.

There are several issues. Very often you end up with a slightly different character set. Maybe some more ligatures or swash glyphs in the italic… Then you need two sets of OpenType features.