Making round corners straight

Hello! I’m currently making a font and I wondered something, currently there’s a round corners filter. Is there any way to make the opposite (turn round corner into straight ones)?
Currently all my glyphs have round corners due to the way they were made using a round brush in illustrators. I wanted to make them have straight corners for a “variation” of sorts of the original font

Does Path > Other > Sharpen Corner do what you’re looking for?

There is no fully automatic version.
You can do it manually: Select all nodes that belong to that corner, right click and choose “Sharpen Corner” (or add a shortcut to the command mentioned by @eliason.

Unfortunately that didn’t work out as well as I though, it made an extremely long “shape” when I selected all the nodes from the corner. I did manage to achieve something very close by making it on couple of nodes at a time, but it doesn’t work on some corners, like the top of the A
I was also thinking of trying the make corners pouring, however glyphs is still saying I need to install de PyObjcC module (I already installed it via terminal) and the plug-in won’t work

Yeah, sort of. I just need to select couple of nodes from the corner at a time instead of all the nodes at once.
However, it didn’t work at the top corner (I’m testing this on the A), it made a very pointy top and not the flat straight coner I achieved on the bottom corner

It depends on your selection. Sharpen extends the segments adjacent to your selection until they intersect.

Oh, that makes sense now. That means I’ll need to do some manual adjustment as well to achieve the results I want. Thanks!

Or you make it pointy pointy and then shift-cut it off with the knife tool.

Can you show where it doesn’t do what you expect or becomes pointy?

I figured out it didn’t do what I wanted because the filter is working precisely as it should. I now decided to re do the whole font straight and proceed use the round filter to make the round “variation”. Much easier than the other way around.
On another hand, sharpening the corner seems to work just perfect for my cursive font, so I’ll use it there. Thanks for the reply.

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Can you send me an example where it didn’t work as expected?