Malaysian ringgit unicode

anyone here use/did this currency for a font? it would be cool to have under Currency glyphs!

Can you point me to the unicode info.

And you can add the info yourself:

That’s nice.
Yeah, I can’t find the unicode for that currency.

Than you first have to write a proposal to the Unicode consortium to get one :wink:

wot what?
Native RM

If you mean the Currency group in the Glyphs sidebar, that seems intended for currencies (or currency fractions) that have dedicated symbols that are encoded in Unicode: $, ¢, €, £, ¥, ₹, ₩, ₫, ₪ etc. (not all of them are already in the sidebar).

As far as I know, the Malaysian Ringgit doesn’t have a dedicated symbol; banknotes use “RM”, a combination of two Latin characters.

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Yeah, that’s a problem since the client wants a dedicated RM symbol with a underline and so on… What do you guys recommend?

There are two options. Depends on the use case and what apps you use.

Make a “R_M” glyphs that has the shape like the client wants it.

  1. Add a “ss01” feature and add this code:
    sub R M by R_M;
    That way, you can active it with that feature.
  2. in the “ccmp” feature add
    sub R zerowidthjoiner M by R_M;
    (you need to a glyph called zerowidthjoiner. It can stay empty but should have zero width)
    That way you can type ‘R’ ‘zerowidthjoiner’ ‘M’ and always get the sign without the need to active a feature. That should work in Adobe, MS Office and the web.

Thanks @GeorgSeifert — Thats what I did, the liga… I will figure out what will be the medium for this font so I can give them the options. Anyway I think that Liga works fine on Web…

ccmp only works in the World-Ready Composer. The classic Composer ignores ccmp altogether, unfortunately.