Managing Multiple Development-phase Font Versions

Hi, (new user, please excuse) I’m trying to establish a good workflow for saving dev versions of a font, and testing them.

I see that printing / saving PDF includes the version, which is nice. Is there a way to have this referenced in the file name too? I.e. I currently manually copy the version number to the file name. Seems like doubling up? Or is there another method of staying organised that someone may suggest?

Lately I’ve just started putting the version number right into the font name, eg. Sanserif 1.111. This way the name ends up in the file, I can compare multiple versions of the font in Pablo Impallari’s testing page, and I can install multiple versions of the font. But I have to remember to keep the font name and .glyphs file name in sync.

Adobe Aftereffects handles this automatically with a “Save and Version” command that’s essentially “Save As” but it increments the file name. Maybe Glyphs could offer something similar, incrementing a fonts internal version number, putting that version number into the file name, and putting it into the font name.

When I open a font the first time that day, I Save As and add the date to the file name and to the font name. I use the format YYMMDD. That way the files sort nicely.