Manual for Glyphs Mini

I really love the glyphs mini app and did some iconfonts for some web projects. My workflow is to draw in illustrator and copy the path to glyphs and then export the font and convert a webfont with fontprep. So far so good. But i really don’t get it, how the tools are working. The Rotation Tool drives me nuts. I don’t find a way to rotate a a graph at 90 or 180°. If i use the shift key, the symbol jumps somewhere. It dosn’t work like i’m used from all other drawing apps. And i dont find any manual. Where can i find a manual? The tutorial links are nice, but not very intuitive to find, what you are looking for. I couldnt find one tutorial, which describes how all the tools are working. I also don’t get how the scaling tool is working, has the same funny behavior like the rotate thing.
Why is ist so hard to find help with such a beautiful app and a wonderful designed website? I found the pdf link to the «manual» for the glyphs app, but also there i couldn’t find a description how the tools are working? Am i blind, or is there really no manual for an 50€ App?
Thanks for feedback and help.

A specific handbook for Mini is in the works. It just takes a little time. The tools are for the most part the same as in the main app though, and those are documented in the handbook for the main app. Which tool are you missing?

It takes the angle between the origin point (which you set by clicking once) and the point where you start dragging. You are right that the Shift key does not make much sense in the Rotate tool. The intention is quick freehand rotation. If you need something more precise, the Transformation palette is a better choice.

If you tell me what are you looking for, I may be able to help you.

Tutorials are about workflows. Tools are only described where necessary for the respective workflow. The comprehensive technical description is in the handbook.

The Scale tool works like in Illustrator. Click to set an origin. Drag to scale the selection. Hold down Shift for proportional scaling.

Wow… thank you. Your answer came so quickly. Now i’m almost happy ,-)
Found the actual manual. Before i was searching for manual and got only a old link from the forum, which wasn’t very helpful. The manuals or handbooks on the get starting page are perfect. Before i was always searching unter the tutorial tab for answers.
At least i know, how the rotate and scale tool is working. Its still very funny and from my sight not usable. The second thing i miss on these tools, is that its not possible to set the origin point exactly on a point of a draw. If it would be magnetic, that i could set the origin to any point in the graph, that would be so helpful. Now i have move to the palette and rotate or scale from there.

Thank you very much for you quick answer, and sorry for my bad english.

I agree that the Rotate tool is not very precise, because its original intention was to be a quick freehand tool. All precision work was to be done with either the palette (cmd-shift-P) or the grey info box (cmd-shift-I). The tool is on our list of things to discuss for a future update.