Manual Hinting Preview?

Hi, I have been playing with the manual hinting in Glyphs for the first time, and have managed to easily improve some bad hinting in an old font of mine.

It was very easy, but the only way I could find to preview my hinting (to see if I was making it better or worse) was to install the font and look in photoshop.

Is there, or will there be a hinting preview built into Glyphs?

Or is there a better way to test my hinting outside of the app?

Export the font directly to the Adobe Fonts Folder:

/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts/

Then Indesign will reload the font automatically.

How do I see the pixels only in Indesign?

I am still using CS4 and I don’t seem to have that folder in that path, I can find fonts folder in the Indesign app:
/applications/Adobe Indesign CS4/Fonts/

I use this folder when I export my fonts, and in Indesign it will update my artwork with the new font.
These fonts do not seem to be accessed by other Adobe CS4 apps.

In your version of Adobe CS (6?), does exporting fonts to that folder you mentioned share the updated fonts over all apps?

Hang on, I just found that folder. I will try adding some fonts…

No, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to read those fonts in any application.

users/mymac/library/application support/adobe/fonts/

If there’s something I’ve missed, please let me know.

Global Library, not the one in your user folder.

Mekka; yes, that is the first place I looked, so when I found it in User, I thought that must be it.

I do not have a Fonts folder in the global library/application support/Adobe.

Any ideas why?

Just create the folder if it is not there. You have to restart Indesign.

Bloody hell, it works!
Thanks for that, I can’t believe it is so simple, but also ridiculous that the folder wasn’t there by default. I certainly had not deleted it.
Until now, I was exporting to Indesigns dedicated fonts folder, and could not access them in other CS apps.

So to sum up, I can check my font in all CS apps on the fly by installing to the newly created Fonts folder in
[global, not User] library/application support/Adobe/Fonts

I hope this might help someone else, perhaps it could be added to a short blog post or the manual?

Good idea. Will do that.