Manual hinting

I have 2 questions concerning the manual hinting:

  1. When i take the »o« and make the 4 necessary hintings via the context menu, in some designs it really makes a difference in indesign and prints. BUT, when i open my glyphs file later on, i don’t see any hints i made so far. The otf still seems to have them though, as the prints are okay.

  2. How can I remove a certain Hint, if i made it, see the grey Hint area and want to change it?

newest non-app-store glyphs, thanks in advance

I just realized, that the disappearing hints seem to be not normal, even with saving a new copy of the *.glyphs they stay. But in another font, were they seem to work now, the former settings are still away. perhaps a bug?

the second question is still hot :slight_smile:

The hints are not imported from the .otf file. So they are in the file but will not show up in Glyphs.

But, for letters like the “o”, it should not make a difference. Can you check the file.raw in the temp folder. This is a text file and you can see what hints are actually in the file.

i don’t import otf files. with otf i just meant, that i can see a difference in indesign whether i manually hint (e.g. the »e«, »n«, »U« made huge problems before, even though autohinting was enabled at he export)

What should i search for in the .raw? if i search »hint« nothing happens.

and about deleting or changing manually set hints?

can you send me the zipped temp folder? I will have a look.

Deleting a manually set hint:

  1. activate it by clicking on the grey coordinate badge
  2. press the delete key

Does this not work for you?

zip will come.

when i say »make horizontal hint« the grey bar appears, but i cannot activate the grey bar, if you mean this one.

and now i saw, that the formerly set hints are away again. perhaps this is the next day i come back to the file. could not find out till now.

also my annotations dissapear from the file somehow.

Where do you click? You need to click into the grey badge on the left or at the bottom to activate the hint. Then you just hit the backspace key:

Thank you very much, mekkablue. I clicked onto the grey bars that actually show the hints. Did not realize the bades next to them. sorry, my fault. thank you for taking the time!

Wow! I didn’t see the badges neither until now! thanks!