Manual spacing or use the HT Letterspacer

Am I right the for the spacing of a font I can choose to either do the spacing manually or to use the HT Letterspacer?

I ask this, because when I do the spacing manually and have the similar sidebearings defined, but as a check afterwards I use the HT Letterspace most metrics of the sidebearings are red and I must update the metrics. So, manually or use only the HT Letterspacer?

You should use either metics keys and manual spacing or use the Letterspacer. Both methods don’t mix well. When you are happy with the result of the Letterspacer, use it, otherwise not. I usually do the spacing manually.

Don’t mix both approaches – do one or the other. If you use Letterspacer (which I personally do, and I’m very happy with the results), you can make fine adjustments at the end manually, but bear in mind that these of course get lost when you run Letterspacer again on the glyph.

Also check out HT Letterspacer Manager in the plugin manager :wink:

Thank you all for your answer, this helps a lot.