Manually entering node angle value

Happy New Year to you all!

— is there a way to manually enter a value for the angle of a node?
Screenshot 2022-01-02 at 09.38.08

It would be great to be able to enter 160° as a starting point and then move the handles to obtain a smooth curve. At the moment there is a huge amount of trial and error to obtain a whole number.

Are you trying to sync angles between masters? I think that fractional differences will not cause visible kinks.

Yes. But as far as I was aware in PostScript the fractionals are rounded and kinks will appear.

But those are rounding kinks, not interpolation kinks.

a kink is a kink :slight_smile:

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Yes. But the rounding on can’t be fixed by obsessing over the angles.

So far obsessing is getting results – so will continue to obsess for the time being . . .

You can use a guide for that. And then proceed to find handle positions that are on the grid.

But really, the difference between 160.6 and 160.0 is negligible. There are so many other factors that will cause much bigger distortions, I have some doubts the difference is visible when the font is rendered.

Can you show examples?