Manually hinting (only) the diacritics

I was just setting manual hinting for my dieresis and found out that as a result, the edieresis is lacking the hints on the e. I assume this is according to the rule to auto-hint only glyphs that are not manually hinted at all?

It would be very handy, though, to be able to manually hint only the diacritic and leave the base letter unhinted (i.e. autohinted). So, keeping the same rule as it is now but applying it before decomposition, therefore auto-hintig the (completely unhinted) e. I assume this is not as straightforward because the auto-hinter is run on the final font? Nevertheless, it would be nice if one could manually hint diacritics without having to manually hint all base glyphs.

This is currently not possible. But I will keep it in mind.

Thanks, it would be great to improve this a bit.

Just noticed this even creates a knock-on effect. If I manually hint a certain letter then, in order to avoid un-hinted diacritics for the accented versions, I need to manually hint these diacritics. This means I also need to manually hint all letters that use these diacritics, and so on.

Just tried this again and found that this still has not been fixed. It’s a pity – are you aware that manual hinting is practically broken in Glyphs? To me, it is the only missing essential feature, which keeps me from generating the final fonts directly from Glyphs. I’d rather not have to go through FontLab just to be able to do manual hinting.

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I’m currently working on improving the TT hinting.

I was refering to PS hinting.

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Is there any way to auto-hint a glyph (layer) via Python (or Objective C)?

In order to fix the problem described above, I was going to write a custom glyphsFilter that I can call as PreFilter to autohint all unhinted glyphs on export, but even that seems impossible?

The PS autohinter is a function of the Path plugin:

plugin = GlyphsPathPlugin.alloc().init()

The function takes an array (or Python list) of layers.

Any chance this could ever be fixed? I would really like to avoid generating my final fonts in FL just because manual PS hinting in Glyphs is broken.

I’m on it.