Mark & diacritic problem over a character & ligature

I need marks on the endofayah-ar character or endofayah-ar_onezero-liga. I tried by putting anchor with name qtop and _qtop but it didn’t work instead it positioned far away compare to other glyphs. here is the shot:

I don’t know whether it’s because of endofayah-ar character or I did something wrong.

  • endofayah-ar is punctuation and therefore not supposed to be a base in mark attachment.
  • qtop will probably be ignored in generation of the mark feature.

Can you make a mockup of what it is supposed to look like?

That is an artificial limitation, any glyph can be a base glyph in OpenType.

I suppose like this:

Khalid!! You saved me a lot of time to explain. This is exactly what I want.
So what is the SOLUTION bro??

I just tried it. It works as expected. The only thing you might need to change is to use the same anchor name in the “endofayah-ar” as you use in your marks. I would recommend to stick to the default and use “top” in the base and “_top” in the marks.

  1. Could you share what you’ve tried? And where did you try it, in inDesign or Glyphs? Because in Glyphs, when I type ligatures I can only see the base characters not the ligatures even the required one like lamalef-ar
  2. I made custom anchor because there are many Quranic anchors which may not go with other top or bottom anchors. So is this mandatory to follow only top and bottom anchors?? Also, in order to reduce glyphs, I wanted to make base characters and ligatures without dots and other components, and add them through OT features. That’s why I added custom anchors to set dots and marks correctly.

So do have some glyphs a “top” and a “qtop” anchor? This should work fine if your marks have the matching “_top” or “_qtop” anchors (but not both).
Can you show where you placed the anchors in the base and the marks?