Mark glyphs with RGB values

The title is self-explanatory I guess. Does any of you know if it is possible (or will be) to mark glyphs with RGB values instead of a value from 0 to 11 as now?

Thank you so much.

No… but now I want acid gradients.

It is. With a help of a script.
Run this in the macro panel:

from AppKit import NSColor, NSColorSpace
count = len(Font.glyphs)
for i in range(count):
	h = i / float(count)
	color = NSColor.colorWithDeviceHue_saturation_brightness_alpha_(h, 1, 0.8, 1)
	g = Font.glyphs[i]
	g.colorObject = color

Thank you so much, Georg! That was what I was looking for.