Mark points on top of a path

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Lately I’ve been thinking about a thing that might be useful in Glyphs: marking a point (or anchor) that is on top of a line or a path. To be more clear, I was wondering if it is possible to to the same thing as guidelines do when a point is touching them but with paths.

Could you show some hints about how this could be done? Maybe could be a suggestion for next updates on Glyphs, don’t know.

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Can you give some use cases?

I have been trying something similar, but it is hard. Best I got so far was the Show Nodes Outside Paths plug-in, which should serve as an indicator for when a node pops outside, but it has too many false positives.

The use cases are simple:

  1. in cases like this, you have a double edge, and that will lead to darker anti-aliasing.

  1. in cases like this, you risk a tiny segment caused by rounding errors, perhaps not so much in an upright, more so in an italic, of course:

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Actually this second example was the one that I was about to post. Just like it does when a point is in one of the heights, I was wondering if you can also do this with stems but what you are saying makes sense so maybe the best is having a guideline along the stem instead. Right?

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Yes, or even better, reconnect the nodes.

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Thanks a lot, @mekkablue!