Mark positioning on alternate glyphs


I am working on an Arabic font, and really enjoy Glyphs being able to generate the mark features for me.
However, I now added some alternate versions of some letters (alefSmall-ar) and I’d like to have mark on that too.

I added the “top” and “bottom” anchors but it didn’t worked.
Is there a way I can tell Glyphs that those are Arabic letters and they need to be included in Arabic mark features?

Thanks a lot

Try alef-ar.small as name. Variations should be marked by a dot extension (in this case: .small) to the name.

Great, works fine, thanks!

but… wait… Is there a way I can change glyph names and Glyphs updates the names in OT features/classes for me or do I have to this by hand?

You have to click the update button or change the code manually (for manually added features).

ok, that’s what I supposed (the question was for features added manually)


When should alef-ar.small appear? When the user chooses it? Then call it alef-ar.ss01, and the user chooses stylistic set 1 in InDesign and it appears.

Or under certain circumstances? Then you’ll have to add a calt feature manually.

It appears when the alef get diacritics above it. I already manually added a calt for it.

Hmmm, then it should be in the ccmp feature. Can you try adding a Prefix called ccmp with this content:

feature ccmp {
sub alef-ar by alef-ar.ss01;
} ccmp;

It may not work though if Glyphs tries to create its own ccmp :-/

No no, it has to be in calt:

lookup calt2{
lookupflag RightToLeft;
sub @2small@marksAbove by @small;
} calt2;

It works fine!