Mark Preview with custom GlyphData.xml

I’ve checked followed all the discussions on mark previews, but still can’t solve a problem. I have a custom GlyphData.xml with the following entries:

	<glyph unicode="11013" name="ka-brahmi" sortName="br016" category="Letter" anchors="top, pulli" script="brahmi" production="u11013" description="BRAHMI LETTER KA" />
	<glyph unicode="11014" name="kha-brahmi" sortName="br017" category="Letter" anchors="top, pulli" script="brahmi" production="u11014" description="BRAHMI LETTER KHA" />
	<glyph unicode="11015" name="ga-brahmi" sortName="br018" category="Letter" anchors="top, pulli" script="brahmi" production="u11015" description="BRAHMI LETTER GA" />
	<glyph unicode="11016" name="gha-brahmi" sortName="br019" category="Letter" anchors="top, pulli" script="brahmi" production="u11016" description="BRAHMI LETTER GHA" />

	<glyph unicode="11046" name="virama-brahmi" sortName="br069" category="Mark" subCategory="Nonspacing" anchors="_top" script="brahmi" production="u11046" description="BRAHMI VIRAMA" />
	<glyph unicode="11070" name="viramaTamil-brahmi" sortName="br070" category="Mark" subCategory="Nonspacing" anchors="_pulli" script="brahmi" production="u11070" description="BRAHMI SIGN OLD TAMIL VIRAMA" />

I added the anchors _top and _pulli in the marks and top and pulli in the letters. When I generate the font, the GPOS is correctly generated.

What I can’t figure out is this: why am I not able to see the mark cloud when I click on the anchors in the letters? I have Show Mark Preview checked.

The mark cloud uses the marks attribute for determining which marks to draw. Add it to the entry of the base letter. As value, use a comma separated list of mark glyph names.

Approximately like this:

marks="acutecomb, gravecomb, circumflexcomb"
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Lovely! Thanks, @mekkablue I missed the marks attribute in the GlyphData. Added that and it works beautifully!

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