Mark to base positioning

I tried to follow the instructions in the Mark to base positioning tutorial exactly in order to learn and understand this topic but when I try to export the file I get this: “Error: “invalid token (text was “”)” in Feature file at line: 6” even though I copied and pasted the text from the tutorial into Features.
Why won’t this work?

Hi @jjjonny,

The latest version of Glyphs make Mark positioning and Mark to Mark automatically. If you try to do it by yourself, you might be overlapping instructions. Instead, try to use the _comb marks (acutecomb, gravecomb, etc) and place the anchors correctly in the base glyphs and the mark glyphs. I think that is enough to run “set anchors” (Menu > Glyphs > Set anchors) or command + U to place the proper anchors in the mark glyphs, and generate a clean and automatic mark to base and mark to mark feature.