Mark with mark

How to be a process of replacing the two formations such as “Fatha” and “Hamza” the formation of a new?

Do you try to build a precomposed glyphs or what to do that done in the font rendering.

for both ways you need to build a hamzaaboveFatha-ar glyph and add anchors to it. Then you can place it in a glyph with a anchor. Or you write some code in the ccmp feature similar how it is done for the shadda glyphs.
And add a line like this:
sub alef-ar’ [tahabove-ar dotabove-ar dotbelow-ar dotcenter-ar twodotsverticalabove-ar twodotsverticalbelow-ar twodotshorizontalabove-ar twodotshorizontalbelow-ar threedotsdownbelow-ar threedotsdowncenter-ar threedotsupabove-ar threedotsupbelow-ar threedotsupcenter-ar wasla-ar superscriptalef-ar subscriptalef-ar hamzaabove-ar hamzabelow-ar hamzaaboveDammatan-ar hamzaaboveFatha-ar hamzaaboveFathatan-ar hamzaaboveSukun-ar hamzabelowKasra-ar fathatan-ar dammatan-ar kasratan-ar fatha-ar damma-ar kasra-ar shadda-ar sukun-ar madda-ar shaddaDamma-ar shaddaDammatan-ar shaddaFatha-ar shaddaFathatan-ar shaddaKasra-ar shaddaKasratan-ar] by alef-ar.short;

It’s not that easy This is what I want
6.f. [GPOS LookupType 6] Mark-to-Mark attachment positioning

Yes, that will work, but in the ccmp feature, you will still have to add the code to replace hamza and fatha with small hamza and fatha:

Assumed that the code in this way, but ccmp Do not accept that the result is two

sub alefHamzaabove-ar fatha-ar by alef-ar.short hamzaaboveFatha-ar;

Example clarify

Make it two steps, e.g.:
sub alefHamzaabove-ar’ fatha-ar by alef-ar.short hamzaSmall-ar;
sub hamzaSmall fatha-ar’ by fathaSmall-ar;

Dear, I do not know on what basis built this code, the mind does not want to accept it until the program that is acceptable! I use the method in the previous model in VOLT, do not know how I do it on the GLYPHS This method is used in most Arabic fonts and even FONTS sent to support

There’s No Solution?

I didn’t see the font in the e-mails. Can you send again?

Check email

I meant your glyphs file. Can you send it?

What do you need from my glyphs file?

I could try to implement the solution I posted above. Only if you want to of course.

Sir mekka blue I have my commitments with others, and I have a business should be done in the time I’ve made a lot here to develop things a step forward has become the program is much better than it was, however, it does not serve me and this is what I found out through the pages of support I ask about things that are very old and surprised that everyone does not know anything about.'ll do I program the Fonts “multilingual” on the Volt… with the language and bilingual on the Glyphs.

Glyphs uses AFDKO to build OT tables. (Obviously not VOLT, because VOLT is a Windows-only application.) And the solution I posted above should work. If it doesn’t, I’d be glad to help, but for that I would need the .glyphs file.

But if you rather want to build your GSUB table in VOLT, you should still be able to do so.

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Thanks, you too. :slight_smile: