Marks to marks

Arabic Fonts has a set of marks and it can not meet with each other only in nine cases and is explained below:

See that all marks associated with the shadda work well in ccmp property except fathatan and kasratan because it was suffering from a problem in truetype: when we write: fatha followed fatha … first father disappear behind “The second fatha” and will not be: above or underneath

To solve this problem: This marks the encoding in Unicode, and put it in the keyboard, but opentype ended the previous solution

Can adjust these marks in Glyphs App
In this way, relying on the Anchor option in the compilation of these marks and their work?

if you have set the anchors correctly in the fatha, it will work correctly.

It works without a script , but requires to add Anchor at the bottom and top to work with glyphs and this is the problem

What exactly is the problem? You simply add _top and top in fatha-ar and _bottom and bottom in kasra-ar (Cmd-Opt-U), and it works in mark-to-mark positioning.

Theoretically there is no problem, but: a practical problem here :
When you have a Font of seven weights you will have 63 dual Marks. So you will have 126 Anchor.

Each time you modify the Marks and you should reset 126 Anchor!

I will call my friend to do it: it is a great invention that everyone should try it!

If you are modifying 63 marks, then moving 126 points does not seem much, honestly. But why do you need to reset anchors? What kinds of modifications are that?

By ‘reset anchors’, do you mean the Reset Anchors command (Cmd-Opt-U) in the Glyph menu (Layers menu in Glyphs 1.x)? You can select all 63 glyphs and press Cmd-Opt-U, and all anchors are reset for all glyphs at once.

In each weight: There is a specific spacing between points and glyphs. And I need to re-adjust the spacing between points and glyphs with the marks

This will have different heights of Anchor in the marks,And the way that you mentioned: suitable for centering anchors vertically in the middle only

If the anchors are already there, you will likely not have to change them, or not much, when you change the mark.

With "points", you mean the anchors? You can use my script Anchor Mover 2 to batch process all anchor positions. E.g., if you need to move all "_top" anchors up by 10 units, you select the diacritics, run the script, and choose the appropriate settings in the Anchor Mover window. Anchor positions are also interpolated, just make sure they are all there in all weights. In Glyphs 2, a glyph is marked as incompatible if the anchors are not in sync between all masters.

pls : explain how to use the script!

Select any number of glyphs.
Run the script.
Choose the anchor name, check the appropriate settings and confirm.

All anchors with the name you picked will be moved according to your settings.

I did not understand. I further clarification … Is there another method for clarification?

Have you tried using the script?

It works on your selection, and provides you with a window explaining exactly what it will do. For example:

Anchor Mover 2

It will move the “top” anchor in all selected glyphs:

  • horizontally above the bounding box center
  • vertically 10 units above the bounding box top edge

I’ve this way more than once in the past.
But, as seems to be the problem in the script It does not work on the new version of glyphsapp

I just tried again, and everything works as expected in 2.0.0 (679). Can you tell me what exactly does not work for you? Maybe describe steps?

Do you have the latest version of the script? It was updated 2 months ago.

I tried the latest version of the script, which works with me now
I will send you my glyphs file on the mail.Overlapping Marks color blue.

Try tampering with the positions and then try to return them inappropriately.Try setting “anchor” in a position different from its default position.

So will the adoption of a clear vision on the subject.How to find solutions to something not practiced!