Marks with discretionary ligatures (arabic)

Why canceled “Marks Process” with discretionary ligatures in recent updates ?!

What do you mean?

Why marks do not work correctly over Hamza after the update?

That is a good question. Do you have a ‘top’ anchor in the hamza?
And I wouldn’t remove such a feature on purpose. But it might break because of some other change.
Could you send me the .glyphs file that I can have a look?



I found the problem. Hope that I can fix it soon.

Thank you and I’m waiting for update.

I have a question. Does Glyphs make mark to ligature features without setting the top_1, top_2, etc, in the ligature glyphs, while those ligatures are made out of composite glyphs.

If U+FC64 is made out of U+FE8C and U+FEAE, can U+FC64 be declared in mark to ligature feature, taking the anchors contained in U+FE8C and U+FEAE?

Hi, I don’t want to open a new entry for this issue, but it is related to Arabic marks.

In GlyphsData.xml there are something that looks wrong, two glyphs with the same description but there are different glyphs.



I don’t think so.

that is just a copy paste mistake. I’ll fix it.