Mask tool also for color (cpal) layers

Hi, I love the mask tool in order to cut our letters from background paths without destroying them.
This feature seems not to work on color layers, though. Is that correct?
Any plans to make that happen?

I’ll see what I can do.

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Hi Georg,
do you have an update for me on this?
Would be curious to know, what’s the likelihood of this beeing implemented or not.
Thank you!

Not yet.

Would you expect to cut all layers or only the ones with the same attributes?

Sorry for doing some necromancy: But I’m running into the same issue: is this still on for the future?

My request is perhaps slightly different, as it involves masking components which also have color layers itself (and this way place the proper outlines in each color layer).

While drawing it shows the correct components path, but the preview and export only shows the “fallback” of the glyph.

When I decompose the component it works fine of course, same when I decompose on export. But I’d just like to see the proper paths in Glyphs itself as well.

For me, it worked by setting the cutting path to alpha = 0%.
But when your masking path should be also colored at the same time, this is not really helpful. :wink:

Good to know that the masking is improved, as implementing went pretty well! Now just to get the proper end result :slight_smile:

Another thing, which might have to do with the node-heavy fallback glyph, is that the file is now pretty slow to use, even with a limited character set. This is the first time I’ve used a lot of masking: but is this a side effect?

Can you send me an example fine?

I’ve sent a file to the info adres.

The file is cleared it of most clutter, so I hope it’s clear. It goes quite deep into sub-components. As most glyphs are removed it isn’t indicative of the performance drawbacks I’ve had.

Thanks in advance!