Master dependent values in dist features

Is there any way to introduce master dependent values into dist features? For example, in a Burmese font both the placement and the x advance of a base consonant may need to be adjusted if a subjoined consonant is wider than the base consonant (as in the syllable န္တ, where န is the base and တ is subjoined). However, the amount of the adjustments depends on the widths of the two glyphs, and so may need to vary between a regular and a bold master.


(This kind of master-specific GPOS adjustment is pretty commonly needed in the Southeast Asian scripts I’ve worked on. In Thai or Lao, for example, we need to contextually kern abovemarks with following tall vowel letters. Until now, we’ve been using replaceFeature settings in each instance, but it would be very, very useful to be able to specify distances for masters and have the instances interpolate, the same way kerning works.)

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Yes, please. Since the ReplaceFeature is a PIA to use with these kind of features, wouldn’t it be nice to have sth like a CP for OT-Code variables or such? The feature code would have to be able to implement a kind of new syntax for these variables though. Don’t know if it’s a) possible and b) the best idea. But it is one.

Formerly I thought about writing a plugin, that does the ReplaceFeature content for kern/dist feature code, AND also lets you preview your values (which is as important). But: No time for that : /

I’m thinking about that for some time. I had an idea this morning. I need to try if that is feasible.


Really looking forward to what your idea is :smiley: