Master Mix display bug

I am not sure if I use the right terminology in my description.

When working on on a new thin and black weight I use the layers gadget on the right to display the regular version of the character that I work on, next to the new master I am working on. See image: showing the regular to the left, while working on the black.

Up to now I can switch master in the edit tab with the top left gadget, and the left most character set to regular with the layers gadged, stays regular. Now that I updated to 1227, I discover that whenever I change master, the first character changes with the rest. So I have to select it and re-apply the layers-gadget. Or go back to using version 1219.

The selected glyph now also changes when you switch with the button or shortcut.

It seems from the release blog, I stumbled across a new feature rather than a bug. But when trying in 1230 it seems to work better as it did when I stumbled.

Case closed

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