Master switching has bug

If I change the master in the Right side bar, under layers.

then the top bar, master switching doesn’t work.

I would need to close and reopen glyphs. Top bar will function until I change the master in side bar.

I am not able to toggle between masters by clicking on the top bar after I have changed the master in the side bar.

As long as I don’t click on any layer in the side bar, the top bar is functional.

Is this intentional?

I have my doubts.

Even shortcut is not functional.

I am trying to switch masters by cmd+1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

only the icons are getting highlighted, but master’s are not switching.

Here I have pressed cmd+5. It was supposed to be in Bold. top bar shows its in Bold.

edit view and side bar confirms its in light.

I am positive this is bug. Please resolve it.

It is. there is a difference between current master and a layer selection. Choosing a specific layer in the layer tab takes precedence over the current master for that specific glyph. You can press Cmd-T to open a new tab with the glyph, minus the layer selection.

So, When we double click on the glyph to enter edit mode in a new tab is different from opening the glyph with cmd+T?

Even if it so, what is wrong in switching between master’s using top bar and cmd+1,2,3,4… with corresponding master layers?

Nothing, just the layer you specifically inserted will stay the same.

So, if you want the glyph inserted as glyph, keep switching with Cmd-1,2,3… but if you want to keep a specific layer in sight, pick it from the palette.

The idea is that you can see different masters at once. Try adding the same glyphs a few times and select a different master for each in the layer panel. If that is not what you need, never click the layer panel.

For me it would be nice to have some kind of visual difference between working in Layers or in Masters.
For example make the Head of the Layers panel turn blue once you clicked on a Layer and also give the possibility to exit to go back to working in Masters with an esc f.e.