'Masters Incompatible' filter not highlighting anything

I’m positive I am missing something stupid, but for some reason the master compatible checks for a file I am working on are not detecting incompatibilities.

I have 4 masters on a single weight axis, there is no Custom parameters that should affect the masters, there a 6 instances along the axis. The 4th master was brought in from a separate font, and seems to be ignored when checking compatibility. When exporting as Variable Font I get errors on glyphs that are correctly identified as not compatible.

What obvious thing am I missing here?

So the reason and solution was that between the 3rd and 4th master there was no instance interpolated. Adding an instances (even is “not active”) between the masters will trigger the compatibility checks.

Is there an option to explicitly trigger validation between all masters in a file, regardless of what instances there are?

There is a custom parameter Enforce Compatibility Check.

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