Master's Italic Angle strange offset


I noticed that I can’t set equal sidebearings in smallcaps glyphs.

there is strange offset. As You can see on the image, the indicator is not over the left sidebearing of It occurs when a uppercase glyph is next to a smallcap one.

The same issue on other my fonts. This happens when master’s Italic Angle is set in Font Info.

is this a bug?

Can you send me the .glyphs file?


when I was preparing the file for You, I just deleted smallCapHeight custom parameter and that strange offset disappeared. I see there is no more smallCapHeight available from parameters select.

I understand that I shouldn’t use it?

The smallCapHeight should work. Will fix it. Thanks

After the latest update 1.3.26 (531) smallCapHeight parameter is back, but the problem with strange offset still exists.

When I add the parameter the smallcap’s left sidebearing grows about 5pt. and right sidebearing shrinks about 4 pt.