Masters : Re-arranging elements for interpolation compatibility


I notice that the elements of my different masters are in a different order in some places, so they are incompatible for interpolation. I can’t seem to find where i change their order.

First, try Layer > Correct Path direction. This set the starting point in all paths to a similar position and sorts the paths.

If that does not help, select one path after another and hit cmd+X and cmd+V.

To manually change the starting point of a contour, right click on node and select Make Node First.

If that does not help, select one path after another and hit cmd+X and cmd+V.

The following method works better:
• Copy each master to the background
• Delete the foreground paths
• Copy each path from the background to the foreground. Do this in the same order for each master.

I wish to see in the next Glyphs version the following operation in regards to “Treating interpolated Glyphs” mostly those consists of several components;
An “Arrange” RIGHT_CLICK menu which gives control on components order like:


This is a good idea

The Bring to Front method is just a patch to the problem because it still not let you figure out easily the path order.
Ideally the user should be able to control the path order instead than playing by trial and error.

I believe the “Arrange” menu is a tool to control order while corresponding order numbers are needed and should be maintained.
Thus, ticking “Bring Forward” or “Send Backward” should instantly updated the order numbers to achieve compatibility between Masters and supposedly it would save time.
I must admit this issue is like resolving a quiz for each glyph till now.

I have been thinking about a tool for this for a while, but didn’t get around to it yet.

The best I can think of would be a palette with draggable layers coresponding to each path. Of course with a preview :wink: just like Layers in photoshop. And with grouping option. Of course.

I have not really seen a satisfying suggestion for a solution to this problem yet, I must admit. Especially more complex path arrangements (think 20+ paths) will be difficult to deal with either way.

The tool I have been thinking about would display path order with numbers, and then bring them forward/backward with click and alt-click.

Another solution I have been thinking about is a script that would automatically rearrange paths until they are compatible, and then let you step through all possible arrangements, or output a warning if it is not possible.

How about a special edit mode whereby once you enter that mode within a glyph cell, increment or decrement (using arrow keys) of path numbers could be applied without causing a “duplicate number” error until the edits are committed? Maybe even have a number change color (temporarily, until commit) when it matches all the other layers.

That is a manual way of doing it and Rainer is certainly correct when he points out that a large number of paths would get really difficult to deal with. Possibly it could be achieved if the app had an algorithm capable of path number matching between layers. If that would be quite difficult to do, maybe a script would suffice.

The script that Rainer suggests would be ideal.
Another idea would be something like a swipe tool that touches all the paths, and by doing that adjust their sequence. Something similar to the swype keyboard app.

Can you send me your problematic glyphs? I might be able to improve the automatic algorithm and I have an idea.

Since I posted this 3 years ago I don’t remember which files I had problems with :smile:
maybe some of the other people in this thread can supply you with files.

Greetz Rainer! Just wondering if this script has been published in the time since it was initially discussed on this thread? I too would be interested in this.

Best Regards,
Dathan Boardman

Which script idea? There are several different ones discussed above.