Math Double integral

Can someone help me understand why i can see single, double and triple integral symbols in excel or other programs using unicode but Gluphs 3 i cannot find it to make glyph i like better? am i missing something important or just not experienced enough yet?

@TIN – Most fonts won’t have those, but you can add them yourself.

For Double Integral, Shift-Cmd-G and enter uni222C and Option-Return; then for Triple enter uni222D and Return. Cells for both your new characters will then be available.

Note that if you don’t use capital /C and /D when typing in the unicode for the characters, your new cells won’t have a preview of the characters or the correct names in the cells.

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THANKs, for some reason on similar unicode for similar objects i get an error in name trying to export it to ttf/otf

i found my error, had to use the info button and rename the font to recommendations. thanks for helping me.