Measurement confusion

Hello, I detected a strange problem with measurements working on an italic font:
For example, the upper-case i has a LSB of 48 pt, but the x coordinate of the outmost left corner (bottom-left) is 32 pt.
So, mathematical, the base point has the value 8/0, but I do not see a possibility to change the basepoint to 0/0. Is there one?
The italic angle of my font is 4°. I set up another italic font with 12° to see what happens there. LSB of the lower-case n: 44 pt. Outmost left point: -5! In that font the mathematical basepoint would be 49/0.

To verify the coordinates in the first font I draw a rectangle and wanted to set its width to 48 pt.
A second bug appeared using the Info Box: I typed “48” and “Enter”, and the width was set to 23, at another try 21, 30something, but never 48. Help, please!

The basepoint confusion does not occur in upright fonts, but the info box trouble does.

I realized the problems after upgrade to glyphs 1.3.15 this morning. But after downgrading back to 1.3.14 it is still the same.

This is not a bug. The LSB and RSB is measured from the slanted bounding box. This helps a lot with the spacing.
A node on half x-height should return the “right” value.

To avoid this, just set the italic angle to zero.

Thank you! Althoug there were different values with different italic angles I was always looking around at the baseline.
I will try to get along with the 4°-angle because it’s much more fun to draw this way – one of glyph’s great features!

… and sorry that I called this a bug