Measurement line in edit view?

The help file (p 50) shows an image, where the measurement line is visible in edit view. But how can I get this behaviour?

You need to drag the measurement line. It looks a bit like the automatic measurement line in text mode in the screenshot, but it isn’t.

Ha. I was sure, that this worked in the past. Maybe with a modifier key? But I can’t get the line in edit mode anymore…

The modifier keys are in your screenshot: Command-Control-Option.

Hmm. This combination shows the measurement tool. But not the line. Did I messed up anything? Is this combination editable anywhere?

The line appears as you drag.

Nope. Only the tool.

I can confirm that no line appears in edit mode when using the Ruler tool (Ctrl+Opt+Cmd).

Yes, the line only appears when you drag across the edit view.

Right. But not like in the screenshot that Ralf posted, where a horizontal measurement line is displayed for all glyphs, even when in edit view.

In the screenshot, I just drag horizontally across the glyphs.

Like that?

Bildschirmvideo aufnehmen 2023-05-20 um (1.8 MB)

Ah, I see. It is not the measurement line in the screenshot from the help file. Otherwise it would show a break at the bounding box. It is the measurement tool.